Past, present and future projects.

If you would like to know more about our projects or are interested in being involved in future projects, please contact us.


Man Up! (Short Series)

Man Up! is the second in out series of spoken word pieces due for release in late August 2018. This time we have worked with spoken word artists from around the UK and Australia to discuss issues of mental health, race, addiction and toxic masculinity.


That's What She Said (Short series)

A series of spoken word pieces about the struggles that women face every day in their lives. Each of these pieces have been written by the women who perform them. Not all the women involved in this project have a performance background as this work aims to allow all women a platform to tell their stories. 

Watch the trailer here.


The Life Saver That Is Sarcasm (Short)

Meet Tuesday (yes her parents actually called her that). Sarcasm is her greatest weapon against the the mundane nature of her early-20's life and the everyday comments and pressures that she is faced with.

Watch it here.



Kate (Short)

Kate has cut herself off emotionally from the world until, with the help of new colleague Farah, she is able to address her past and begin to express herself again. This 30 minute short explores one woman's struggle to cope with the trauma of sexual violence and the mental health issues that occur as a result of that violence. 


Forest (Short)

What happens when a man from the modern world meets a woman who has been isolated from it? This short film explores the how human connection can occur when the prejudices of society are removed from the equation.


A Play About Art (Play)

This comedy follows the story of three female artist from different backgrounds all striving to impress a mysterious and world famous curator. A Play About Art explores the themes of racial stereotyping, homosexuality and the effects of social media society.