Larhysa Saddul 

Growing up in London to an Indo-Caribbean and Mauritian family led Larhysa to be interested in not only different religions and cultures but also the arts from a very young age as she was constantly participating in cultural festivals and dance performances as a child. However it wasn’t until joining Stage Coach at the age of 12 that Larhysa found her true passion for singing and acting.


As well as performing in a variety of productions from theatre and UK tours to commercials and web series’; writing has been a major part of  Larhysa’s life which has led to her performing spoken word poetry as well as writing original pieces for the screen and stage. The root of Larhysa co-founding Larry’s Feet is derived from her colourful heritage and background. She wishes to promote equality and to highlight the beauty of diversity in all forms through performance: a platform that has no boundaries.